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An Overview Of The Erectile Dysfunction Protocol

Desperate to save his marriage and self-esteem after suffering from ED (Erectile Dysfunction), Jason Longs, began to research about the condition. The 56-year-old from Long Beach California ended up developing the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol.

In his research, his finding from the Department of Urology at Columbia University should that 5% chance of ED was caused by low testosterone in males, which was the main element in most of the notable cases of erectile dysfunction. This was further supported by the fact that most ED treatments often major on influencing a higher and healthier production of testosterone.

Further research on the subjects revealed other underlying causes of the condition. One of the common factors was the blood vessels in the penis that support an erection. He discovered that the failure to achieve or maintain an erection was because the blood vessels do not relax that open up to allow blood flow adequately. Thus, this results in little or no blood reaching the penis causing the penis achieve a soft (flaccid erection).

The lack of specific medication that can help treat the underlying causes. Longís research lead to the discovered of multiple enzymes and amino acids along with some natural chemicals that help blood vessels to relax and increases the volume of the vessels. Long conducted multiple experiments and finally come up with the right combination and dosage of the natural ingredients that improved his ability to achieve and maintain a full and hard erection.

Reviews of the ED protocol

ED is a condition that does affect both the man and his partner, and not just physically but emotionally too. The manís inability to deliver while in the bedroom can lead to feeling of inadequacy, low self-esteem and this can strain relationships and lead to breakups.

Men with ED can nevertheless be optimistic of finding a cure thanks to the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol, an all-natural treatment program scientifically proven to have successfully treated nearly 100,000 men with erectile dysfunction. Such statistics is enough to give hope to many.

The protocol may be what men dealing with ED need to see a notable change and experience a permanent cure of the condition, but the protocol is also an ideal option for men that also suffer from diminished sex life and low self-esteem. The ED Protocol can help address relationship issues due to ED by addressing the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

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Garcinia FAQ

Q: In order for Garancia (recommended free trial offer for Garcinia Cambogia) to work, does it need calcium?

A company that produced a garcinia product without calcium did so to stand out from the competition and stated that garcinia does not work with calcium. The truth is that calcium burns more fat, and therefore helps to improve weight loss. Dr. Oz was adamant that calcium is a key ingredient in the formula.

If you think about it, if it were true that the effectiveness of garcinia was negatively affected by calucium, you would have to make sure that you do not absorb any calcium at all in your diet. As an important mineral, calcium is a key ingredient, and according to our tests garcinia works better with calcium than without it.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?

A: You can see results from taking garcinia camogia in as little as two weeks if you are taking it every day. Our money-back guarantee is for 90 days - this means you can try our product completely risk-free.

Q: Is garcinia cambogia an appetite suppressant?

A: This supplement is known to reduce hunger cravings between meals. The first evidence of this was found during rat studies. Although some people have speculated that this could be a placebo effect, the mechanics of how it work are not known. Another explanation from some people is that signals are sent to the brain that the stomach is full faster after taking the pill with water before eating. Either way, it does reduce the hunger cravings.

Q: Can I take this supplement if I am pregnant, or considering pregnancy?

A: No. It is very important to remember that during pregnancy you do not want to be taking a supplement that is designed to cause weight loss as it is a very delicate period. Although there have been no studies showing that the supplement would be harmful if taken during pregnancy, you should stop all supplements except for those that are recommended by your doctor.

Q: Can I take garcinia while I am breastfeeding?


Q: Does garcinia cause joint pain?

A: There has been no evidence to suggest that joint pain can be caused by garcinia. While garcinia has been nicknamed the holy grail, it does not target everything. There is an effective supplement for joint pain by Vita-Web that can be safely taken in combination with garcinia.


Your Natural Sources of Vitamin C

Everyday your body is exposed to the threats of known pathogens that could cause the common cold, cough and even flu. The best way to fight these threats is to always pack your body with Vitamin C. It is not ideal to take vitamin c just when you are already infected by those diseases; this is when prevention is better than cure is well applied. But in order for you to receive the benefits of this particular vitamin, you must know the sources of it aside from the usual one that you buy from drugstores.

Here are the other natural sources of Vitamin C that you might want to take a look at.

  • Citrus: You can acquire Vitamin C from all citrus items like oranges and limes. They contain thousands of vitamin C that your body needs for protection against bacteria and virus. Each time you go out there, your body is susceptible from many known diseases, so it is best that it is guarded and what better way to do it is by munching some citrus for snacks. They are easy to find and they are not that expensive.
  • Berries: One of the best sources of Vitamin C could also be found from any berry fruit. But if you want the ones that are really high on this specific vitamin, pick the ones that grow from high altitude like the Himalayan Goji berry. That one was said to have the highest dose of Vitamin C that the body needs. It was even dubbed as the miracle fruit since it was able to make people who live in that area live longer than a hundred years old and take note that they are still strong. In fact, they are strong enough to carry a log up and down the mountains even in their old age.
  • Moringa Leaves- It is now becoming a fast trending product that in most department stores, you will see this particular vegetable as made into a tea.
  • Chili Peppers- You will be able to get about 108 mg of Vitamin when you chopped some chili peppers in your meal. And if you are having some joint and muscle pains, this would help too because the substance that make chili peppers hot would be able to address that.
  • Red Bell Pepper- Acquire about 190 mg of Vitamin C when you chopped red bell peppers and placed them in a cup. It is also a good source of Vitamin A so your vision could also be improved.
  • Green Bell Pepper- It has only about 120 mg of Vitamin C because it is sweeter than the red ones, you it is still a good source of this particular vitamin.

These are just among the natural sources of Vitamin C that you could get off of your local market and grocery stores. If you don’t want the usual pressed pill Vitamin C, then these are definitely your perfect alternatives. Start natural today.


Your Health and GMO Products

There are so many studies now that have been made on the dangers of genetically manufactured foods. Cancer and other deadly diseases have been rampant because of synthetic food farming. The problem is how would you know you are eating them fresh or if they are already compromised by GMO? 

The US alone has lots of people suffering from obesity and not a lot of people are even aware of the food they are eating. This is why it pays to read the label of your food before purchasing and it is still best to support your local farmers.

So what exactly is GMO and why is it harmful for your body? It is simple as this, companies who own genetically manufactured products like grains, crops and even animals are injecting chemicals from these natural sources to speed up the process of their growth. The danger is the chemicals that are being injected to them are what usually cause your health to be at risk.

Anything that is not natural that enters the body system is not exactly healthy. But it is sad how a lot of farms now are practicing it. You have got to be more keen these days before purchasing or the next thing you know, you could be on your death bed.

This is not for you to be scared the next time you go shopping for food, but to actually make you aware so you won’t commit the same mistakes that other people are doing and even share this to people to spread awareness.

The minute those chemicals are transferred to your body, it won’t take long till they do you harm like give you diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Researches have shown the various effects GMO food in the lives of many people now so if you are reading this, it is a must to pay attention.

Here is what you could do to spare your life and your family the harmful effects of these products. As much as possible, go to your local farmer’s market or even whole foods where you can buy all stuff organic. This is really your only chance to get the best of fresh foods especially if you live in the United States. If you have a wet and dry market where you know they only sell fresh and not GMO induced items, go there and you can even ask to make things extra sure.

This is the future of your life and your family that we are talking about and it is no laughing matter. If you would notice, most natural food and whole food stores are more expensive than the non-organic ones? You can probably already know why.

GMO products are easy to produce and fast, so the profit of companies are fast as well so they could sell them for lower prices. Don’t be deceived though, so think about it first before taking home any meat or fruits and vegetables that are not naturally grown.


Why Traveling Is Healthy

One of the best things that you could do in this lifetime is to see the world, literally. Now we know how costly it is to travel, but it is guaranteed to make your life healthier than other people who don’t go out of town or the country at all. You will gain more experiences, which is good for your mind and you will learn new things like some natural food growing in Asia, which is good for the body. But let us get to the bottom of this on why it is really good for your health.

  • New Experiences- you will encounter new experiences and that will chall1515enge your mind to work. This will create stamina in your mind like none other because it would deal with current and pressing situations, while at the same time having fun. Just make sure that the place you will travel to is not that going to be challenging of course to the point of risking your life like Iraq and Afghanistan. New experiences also lead to personal growth, so again that would make your mind healthy, which is just what you need as a human being.
  • Cultural Discoveries- traveling will open up your mind to some of the world’s cultural lifestyle and you will be able to learn from different people sharing their lives and adventures with you. You will be able to touch the hearts of other individuals and be touched as well along the way and that is going to create a warmth feeling in your heart. This is going to make you feel good as you gain new perspectives in life rather than just sit all day watching TV and going online when you could go out there and mingle with other people for your paid leaves.
  • Healthy Food- You will be able learn such delicacies that you could apply when you get home. If you will be in Asia and the Middle East, you could be friends with the locals and ask them to teach you some recipe that are homegrown and most importantly, recipes that only use natural ingredients. This is actually the best part of traveling, the healthy food.
  • Friendship- Aside from the food that you will encounter, you will definitely make great friends along the way, which is one of the things that you would cherish in this lifetime. And since social media is now present, it won’t be so hard to stay connected with them it doesn’t matter which part of the world they live.

Now you know why a lot of people are hooked on traveling. If traveling is free, people won’t even probably be just living in one place. But since we know how airfares could be expensive these days, just plan it out early so you could save up and get the best deals out there when you finally decided to get out of your comfort zone and see the world. You will be glad you made that decision.


Water - You Literally Can’t Live Without It In Your Body

Dehydration is a real thing and it could be fatal. It doesn’t just happen when people go out in the desert and they forgot to bring water with them, some people could even get dehydrated right at the comfort of their own home and even their offices. 

It usually happens when you are too preoccupied of the things you are doing and way too stressed to think about getting up to eat and drink. Yes, you could forget to eat and drink sometimes when you are way too much zoned in working. This is not a good practice by so as early as now, this has to stop.

Signs of dehydration usually include nausea, severe headache and fainting. Once your vision started to blur out, that means there is a huge sign that you forgot to eat or drink that day. Always pack your desk with something to munch on or a bottle of water. Make sure to drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep your body dehydrated.

It is probably not a life-threatening situation if you just forgot to drink and happened to be dehydrated, but it is surely going to be inconvenient for your body and health that you would have to really table down what you are doing for a long period of time to recover.

Dehydration could also be due to cholera or any digestive system related issue like food poisoning. Now this could be fatal if not medicated or taken care of. Usually, food poisoning is not that serious and you could treat it inside the house unless the case is really worst. If you find yourself going to the rest room for more than 5 times or if it is already 2 days and your tummy is still in trouble, go and see the doctor immediately.

You also have to make sure that you replenish your body with water each time you will do number 2 in the toilet; this would keep you from completely dehydrating. Drink lots of water and you could also try some sports drink to make the whole situation easy for you, as that could keep u from not being dehydrated at the same time give you enough strength.

Stay away from dairy products and just be on a soft diet for the moment that your stomach is still hurting. If you are still experiencing it and are having some severe headache this time, it is time to consult a doctor because that thing could be worse than just food poisoning or stomach flu.

These are the most common causes of dehydration and as you can see, losing liquid in your body is not healthy that it could lead to some serious matter. So whatever you do, drink enough liquids a day and make sure it is clean and not contaminated along with the food you eat to avoid food poisoning. Don’t take this for granted because it s a source of your life.