Your Natural Sources of Vitamin C

Everyday your body is exposed to the threats of known pathogens that could cause the common cold, cough and even flu. The best way to fight these threats is to always pack your body with Vitamin C. It is not

Your Health and GMO Products

There are so many studies now that have been made on the dangers of genetically manufactured foods. Cancer and other deadly diseases have been rampant because of synthetic food farming. The problem is how would you know you are eating

Why Traveling Is Healthy

One of the best things that you could do in this lifetime is to see the world, literally. Now we know how costly it is to travel, but it is guaranteed to make your life healthier than other people who

Water - You Literally Can’t Live Without It In Your Body

Dehydration is a real thing and it could be fatal. It doesn’t just happen when people go out in the desert and they forgot to bring water with them, some people could even get dehydrated right at the comfort of

Tech Detox For The Mind And Body

We get it, we all live in 2015 as early as now and there is no stopping the progress that is being brought to us by this new generation. That said, everybody is caught up on their phones, computer and

Self-diagnosis Through Online Sources Is Not Healthy

In this age where information is literally right in front of us, we can easily just go online and check our current status with our health whenever we are not feeling well.  But do you know that there are studies